We successfully moved into our real apartment last week on Halloween! Halloween isn't a holiday in Germany but you will see some celebrating it here with costumes or having parties as an adopted holiday. The apartment doesn't have internet yet hence the brief hiatus on the blog and not calling or emailing anyone back (sorry!... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in Prague

Thanks to our friends in Tampa one of whom is from Czech, we had a long list of things to do here. A weekend is definitely not enough time but we got the highlights and the lay of the land for the next trip there. We rode 5 hours from Stuttgart with another couple in... Continue Reading →

Day Trip From Stuttgart to Tübingen

Like Esslingen, Tübingen (Two-bing-en) was also mostly untouched during WWII due to its lack of industrial industry and the French occupancy. The majority of the town is now taken over by the University of Tübingen. To Do: Walk through the narrow pathways throughout the cobblestone town to see the painted City Hall, Rathaus, building in... Continue Reading →

We love it so far, it's a city and the country together.It is annoyingly cold. 50 Degrees Fahrenheit in August.The 2 week anticipated shipping of our "expedited" items including more warm clothes isn't coming now for at least another month. The car also won't be here for another 45 days. Shopping for more sweaters is definitely happening now.Koningstrasse is... Continue Reading →

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