Why/How Long are you moving to Germany?

Opportunity arose for 3-5 years and we had to take it. Who can pass on living in Europe!

Are you excited?

YES – to travel and become emerged into another unfamiliar culture.

Are you nervous?

YES  – mostly about learning the language and COLD! We have lived in warm climate cities now for the past 5 years so not looking forward to layering pants and sweaters. Savior: Fleece lined leggings and hate to say it, but Uggs.

Do you speak German?

None – but we are working on it! (VHS School)

What are you doing with your stuff?

Thankfully work packs and ships it for us, and stores things we can’t use overseas until we get back (like my treadmill, so sad!)

What about your car?

You can  ship one car so we had to sell the other one. Notes: To ship a car to Germany you must have German standard first aid kit you can buy when you get here at about 20 dollars, remove any window tint from the front 2 windows and windshield visor (car looks so weird), and meet all mechanical and appearance inspections. We are going to see how we go with just one car for now. Cars2Go is recommended by many locals if I need to get around, I can just pick one up from all over the city with an account on my phone and pay by the minute.

Why blog?

I thought it would be the best way to share pictures and updates with our friends and families of our travels as we go. If it happens to help or inspire others too, that’s a bonus.

What’s your Goal?

To travel to a country outside of Germany per month. Over 60 places not including travel within Germany too.

Love the website name, who thought of it?

Our dear friend in Tampa gets the credit for the website name during a brainstorm session over beers. So fun.

Where are the pictures on your blog from?

I take all the pics you see on this blog with an iPhone 5c or a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Samsung camera. Some with filter but many without. Please credit and link back to any of the photos on this blog, I will do the same. Thank you!


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