Lisbon in January

After a late night Ryan Air flight from Porto, we landed in Lisbon. We rented a car from the airport and booked Hotel Mundial because it was a straight shot on the main road without any hills or side streets in old town, plus it had an underground garage (small) with secure parking. If we... Continue Reading →

NYE in Porto, Portugal

We managed to snag  one way flight to Porto with a return out of Faro at the last-minute, then a new Ryan Air connection from Porto to Lisbon during the first week of January. From Lisbon, we rented a car to drive the two hours from to Albufeira in the Algrave coast to cap off... Continue Reading →

Drinking Port in Porto, Portugal

From Stuttgart, there are cheap direct flights, with one caveat, the only return option leaves at 7 a.m. I arranged a car to and from the airport from Shuttle Direct it was about 60 dollars total for the two of us roundtrip. Worth it since our flight was so early, even though the driver was 10... Continue Reading →

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