Lisbon in January

After a late night Ryan Air flight from Porto, we landed in Lisbon. We rented a car from the airport and booked Hotel Mundial because it was a straight shot on the main road without any hills or side streets in old town, plus it had an underground garage (small) with secure parking. If we... Continue Reading →

Bruges Belgian Beer Fest

Bruges is our favorite village in Belgium. Here's our experience over the past two years going to the beer festival. Our flights to Brussels, the hour and a half train ride from the airport direct to Bruges, and 4-star accommodations, the Hotel Oud Huis de Peellaert, in the city center came in under $500 total... Continue Reading →

An Anniversary & Birthday in France

July marks not only the most important holiday of the year other than Christmas -my birthday- but also our four going on 15 year anniversary. Since we never celebrate anything alone, it was only fitting that the parents and grandma (87!) headed over to Germany to visit most of the entire month separately. Thanks to everyone... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in Colmar, France

Let me start by saying I love France. As soon as you cross the border driving in over the Rhine river toward the Alsace wine country from Germany to France, the air feels different.  The scenery changes to rolling hills, fields, vineyards and cypress trees.  There are visible castles or ruins along the way at... Continue Reading →

More from Barcelona & Sitges, Spain

Barcelona city center is very culturally mixed. Like any big city, there were parts we felt uneasy at night because we were unfamiliar with the narrow alley ways, but we were never afraid to walk anywhere anytime. The biggest caution we were warned about was pickpockets at the airport, train stations and in general. We... Continue Reading →

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