Because There Is Always Time For Beer: Germany’s Spring Fest Frühlingsfest

Spring Fest Stuttgart

Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest is exactly the same as another Oktoberfest (earlier post), only the potential of being warm and possibly not raining is much greater during Spring Fest time than in October. It’s a fun time, live music inside each tent and beers all around. The tent reservation process is just as hard, but in Stuttgart it is 100’s less than the cost in Munich. Per person is only about 45 euro and you get a half chicken and full liter beers with it so its worth the reservation. The lines are still nuts, so get there on time. Your server will barely wait on you but they somehow manage to carry all 10 liters of beer for your group all at once with no hesitation. The chicken is delicious. I am a relatively picky  meat-eater but I can devour a half chicken from the beer tent no problem.

The fest is located at the Cannstatter Wasen fair grounds at the Mineralbäder stop from the U1 train or also a walk from the Wilhelmsplatz stop. The fest is a fair and a beer fest combined so there are things to do for all ages, not just beer. There are rides, animals, games and foods and vendors of all kinds.

To the beer tents! Arrive early to be in line outside the tent when they open the door. If you reserve ahead of time you will have a wristband and vouchers for your food and beer already. Weave through the crowd to the door past the non-wristband wearers and you’re golden. Tables are coded by row and number.

Our experience this first spring fest was actually initially dulled by a rude few of Americans (older and not inexperienced fest-goers) who were at our reserved table when we arrived.

Dirndl Spring Fest

A Few Fest Rules:

  1. People actually do wear traditional fest attire  (lederhosen and dirndl) which comes from the tradition in Bavaria (Munich).
  2. If a table says reserved when the tent just opens its doors, don’t sit there. Later, when the fest gets going its pretty much open seating after a few beers.
  3. You cannot order in the tent unless you are seated.  The server only counts who is sitting at the table.
  4. Standing on the bench the entire event is encouraged so wear flat shoes with traction. It’s a slim bench, falling off happens (personal experience). TIP: Learn the songs!  
  5. Only bring/wear what you can carry on you, avoid jackets and sweaters you will want to take off. Its cold outside but hot in the tents so suffer through the walk to get there.
  6. Eat the chicken. Trust.
  7. Taking the glassware is “technically” not allowed. But it happens.

PROST! Beer! Spring Fest Stuttgart

3 thoughts on “Because There Is Always Time For Beer: Germany’s Spring Fest Frühlingsfest

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    1. Yes! Munich is great but very crowded and harder to get tables than Stuttgart. It is of course still an experience to do once if you have the chance! Happy Travels!


  1. Love the blog name! And I also heart Springfest! I went with Stoke Travel last year and had such a good time. Between the beer halls and the campsite parties, I can’t recommend it highly enough.


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