A Weekend Trip to Vaduz Lichtenstein


Getting There:  Lichtenstein is under 3 hours from Stuttgart. Driving is the best way to get there. Public transit is possible but very time-consuming with multiple train or bus changes and it limits what you can reach when you arrive, especially in unfavorable hiking weather as it was for us this trip.

You do need a vignette (toll sticker) to drive to Lichtenstein. Not specifically for entering Lichtenstein, but to get there from Germany, you have to pass through either Austria, Switzerland or both so you must stop to pick one up at one of the vignette stations along the way to put in the right side of the window of your car. For Austria, it cost less than 10 euros and is good for 10 days.

Hotel Oberland Lichtenstein forbetterorwurst.com


We stayed at Hotel Oberland in Triesenberg less than 15 minutes up the mountain from the town of Vaduz. The hotel lodge was perfect for the short stay and in a beautiful location high up the mountain via switchbacks.



This is what the view normally looks like on a clear day:

Dieses Foto von Hotel Oberland wurde von TripAdvisor zur Verfügung gestellt

What the actual view looked like for us:

Hotel Oberland View Vaduz forbetterorwurst.com


Note: The currency is Swiss Franks (CHF) in Lichtenstein

On Trip Advisor, there are less than 15 things to do in the entire country. The original plan was to see the castles, do some hiking, and head up to Malbun, a small ski resort 10-15 minutes further up the mountain from Triesenberg with 5 lifts for a few hours of snowboarding. The clouds and rain didn’t stop us from everything though, there were still castles and museums to tour despite the poor weather.


Get your Passport Stamped in Lichtenstein (cost 3 CHF each): The Welcome Center is reachable by foot only, so park in the garage (free on weekends) by the Kuntz contemporary museum to walk there. There are no signs. The center of town is very small so it is not possible to miss it when walking around.

Lichtenstein Postage Stamp Museum (Free) & the Land Museum (Cost 8 CHF)

 The Prince Winery and the Vaduz Castle 

The Castle is visible from almost all points overlooking the tiny city center from the side of the mountain. The Prince and Princess currently live there so it is not possible to go inside but you can drive (we drove because of the rain) or hike up the steep switch-back  trail to get there. There are tons of hiking trails in Vaduz. The Prince of Lichtenstein Winery at the edge of the city is open to the public but only for a few hours on Saturday and of course we got there 20 minutes too late to go in. Most everything else in town closes at 4-5 pm or is closed on weekends all together.

The Gutenberg Castle in Balzers Lichtenstein

The castle is a 15 minute drive from Vaduz. There is nothing to do in the town there other than drive slowly through it to see the cool looking old barns and houses in the village. Park at the bottom of the castle and walk up the hill. Parking at the top is only for the church members and community center there. The man who takes care of the vineyard wrapping around the hillside advised us that. There are also signs. The castle is open year round to walk up to. The inside of the castle chapel is open seasonally.

On the way home, we drove through Austria and stopped at the Bodensee (or Lake Konstanz) and had lunch in the town of Bregenz. We chose this city stop at random with no service on either of our phones to Google anything. We just followed the road signs for the next town when we got hungry. Like other towns in Europe, there is nothing to do in Bregenz on a Sunday since all shops are closed, but we learned  that Bregenz is the home of a huge outdoor concert and fest area right on the water…literally, the stage is built on the water. The city also holds a major art festival every year.  The lake is beautiful with the alps in the background.

Lichtenstein Beer forbetterorwurst.com

Can’t Forget The Beer

There are a couple microbreweries in Lichtenstein, PrinzenBräu and Liechtensteiner Brauhaus (which was our favorite) as well as a distillery. Tastings are possible but only in groups. I emailed ahead to see if 2 people could squeeze in if another group was already scheduled, but no response. Lichtenstein local beer and wine are available (and the cheapest) at the COOP grocery store in Vaduz.


Lichtenstein forbetterorwurst.com

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