German Christmas Markets: Stuttgart, Bad Cannstatt & Esslingen


The Christmas Market in Stuttgart is by far the most detailed in decor we have visited yet. The tops of the booths are all unique with so much to look at, we see something we didn’t see each time we walk through. Start early because it gets dark now by 5pm and more crowded as people get off of work and stop in for a wurst and Gluhwein, so it gets harder to see everything. Stuttgart’s market is somewhat smaller compared to the larger cities, but it still takes a full determined day to get through it all and taste everything along the way.

The vendors and crafts are mixed; a few local and many repeats as the other markets are, but still you can find some unique things to remember your visit. Prices are definitely expensive for many of the ordinary produced things.  For better deals on the those, stop in the department store that is right down the street in Schloss Platz, and in Bad Cannstatt called Kaufhof (it’s like a Macy’s), local grocery stores or some smaller town local markets.

To Eat: Today we had hot honey mead (honig met) and in the Swedish part of the market by Charlottenplatz, a freshly smoked salmon sandwich with Glogg (Gluhwein). They smoke the salmon right there outside over the fire at the market, it’s so good.

Bad Cannstatt International Market

An S-Bahn stop way from the Stuttgart Hoptbanhof is Bad Cannstatt where there is another very small market spread throughout the old part of town. It’s cute to walk through during the day to see the buildings, the market itself is nothing compared to Stuttgart’s market where all the glitter is.  The vendors are setup “around the world” in their own areas; in one part of the old town you will find 4-5 Greek booths, then in the next block, Polish etc.

Esslingen Medieval Market

The Esslingen town is an easy 30-40 min train from Stuttgart and has 2  markets in the same area by the Rathaus for the holiday. One is Medieval complete with fire, furs and costumes, and outside of that square is the usual Christmas market.


Stuttgart Weinachtsmarkt

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