The Last Hotel Move and A Late Post on Volksfest

Guten Morgen!
Guten Morgen!

Today we moved again for the 6th time to officially (we hope) to the last hotel before our final move into the apartment, at least for the next 3 years. This better be the best apartment ever.

5th hotel move - we got used to the flowers.
5th hotel move – you get used to the flowers.

We will miss the German “American” breakfast though. You never knew what there would be from local meat and cheese platters, sausages, bacon that is more like ham, chicken legs, pasta, Asian noodles, Rhubarb and Quince juice, yogurt…all from 7am to 10am. Beware, the scrambled eggs were almost always so over-salted they were practically inedible at all the hotels we have been so far here. We have learned to taste small bites first. So excited to start cooking breakfast again in one week! I really want to take a German baking class after having pastries each morning, more to come there.


The second largest fest to Munich’s Oktoberfest, we loved it. There was much less of a crowd than Munich’s fest comparatively so it was much easier to get into a tent when going in-between reservation times or during the week. At the beginning of the fest, there is a very long parade celebrating all the things that go into brewing beer and it’s agriculture with lots of live stock in cue. The tents are huge, the same as Munich, and accommodate thousands including a stage for live music. We are trying to learn the popular German songs like this one recommended by our friends:

The German Fest Playlist includes many surprising American classics you will hear at EVERY beer fest. If you don’t know the popular German songs yet, you can definitely get by with these hits:

  1. Hey Baby by Bruce Channel – think Dirty Dancing.
  2. Country Roads by John Denver
  3. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
  4. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
  5. Angels by Robbie Williams

Really fun times. Tip: Wear flats. Dancing on the benches (not the tables) is mandatory. You feel left out and can’t see any of the concerts if you are sitting. I only almost fell off twice in my C. Wonder chunky heeled boots so not too bad, but it was close. Those benches are thin.

The fair outside surrounding the beer tents is free and includes tons of food vendors and rides which are really expensive. It cost 3-5 euro for one ride.

The Food: Half Chickens All Around.


There is food both in and outside of the beer tents but the must do is certainly the roast chickens. If you reserve a table for any beer fest in Germany, it generally comes with a roast chicken. We walked in without tickets because it was a week day in the evening with no problem but we of course had to have the chicken to complete the experience. A liter beer is 9+ euro, whole chicken cost about 15. DELICIOUS.

Chicken Volksfest



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