A Weekend in Prague

Thanks to our friends in Tampa one of whom is from Czech, we had a long list of things to do here. A weekend is definitely not enough time but we got the highlights and the lay of the land for the next trip there.

We rode 5 hours from Stuttgart with another couple in the back seat with their 3-year-old which made it interesting. It was nice to be in a car though. The train is also an option but there is a transfer to a bus once you reach Czech so we opted for driving this first trip to split the costs. Four Star hotels we saw were cheap comparably, from $60-100 per night in the city center for Friday to Sunday. Airbnb is also good options for apartments to share which is what we did this time. Total trip cost for 2 people for transportation and hotel not including food and beverage was $140.

The subway and tram system is good there and got us into old town quickly everyday. Just buy the ticket from the counter at the newspaper shop at the subway stations instead of from the machines until you figure out the zones. The machines also only take coins.

To Do:

Astronomical Clock PragueFree 2 hour walking tour that meets in the old town square by the Astrological Clock at 11am and 2pm. It is a sea of people and crowds because in addition to the tours meeting, the clock moves every hour on the hour so tourists gather to watch it. Look our for the colored umbrella to determine which tour you want. Ours was yellow and recommended by our friends by Destination Prague.

Walk over the Charles Bridge lined with statues to Kampa Island where you can pay tribute to John Lennon on a graffiti wall, and continue up to the Prague Castle (Prazsky hrad). The castle is the largest in the world at 70,000 sq. meters. In the center as soon as you enter is St. Vitus Cathedral, extremely detailed Gothic architecture. Most of the other palaces within the castle have been turned into various museums. It’s impossible to do the whole thing in a weekend.

The Food:

The most expensive meal was breakfast at a hotel because it was the only place near us that we could find walking that had more than bread and coffee. Cost: $7.50 per person. On average an entire dinner at a restaurant for 2 with drinks was under $25 total. Fantastic for traveling with a dude who eats protein heavy meals several times per day. Duck, Pork Knee/Knuckle, late night kebab – all good when you’re not a vegetarian.

Roast Duck Czech
1/2 Roast Duck, Red Cabbage, Sauerkraut, Czech Dumplings (2 kinds: bread and potato) Click for recipe of a whole duck.
Ovocné knedlíky: Dumpling with fruit (blueberry) inside topped with powered sugar and dry cottage cheese. The cheese was a sharp contrast and odd texture addition for us but we had to eat local! Click for recipe.
Ovocné knedlíky - inside
Ovocné knedlíky – inside

 Pivo! (Beer)

There are several  microbreweries in Prague. We of course had to visit in a few of them: Lokal tank poured Pilsner, U Medvidku and U Tri Ruzi.

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