Day Trip From Stuttgart to Tübingen

Like Esslingen, Tübingen (Two-bing-en) was also mostly untouched during WWII due to its lack of industrial industry and the French occupancy. The majority of the town is now taken over by the University of Tübingen.

To Do:

Walk through the narrow pathways throughout the cobblestone town to see the painted City Hall, Rathaus, building in the main market square, Marktplatz.


Hike up the stairs to the castle, Schloß Hohentübingen, which is now the University of Tübingen campus. Students chilling on the castle walls, having wine in the gardens and central courtyards. It is all open to walk through. There is also an art museum there which of course wasn’t open on the day we went. We’ll go back again.

Have a drink along the Neckar river and go out on a row-boat.

 The Food: Rostbraten mit spatzle

Click for a recipe for Swabian Zwiebelrostbraten

The picture is a lighter healthier version than we have typically seen and eaten around Stuttgart, but it was pretty so won the spot here on the blog. Generally this roast beef dish comes with a heap of fried onions.  For the vegetarians, sub the meat for large Portobello mushrooms.


Neckar Beer

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